Consuelo Rubina NavaAssociate Professor at the University of Valle d’Aosta, scientific sector “Economic Statistics”. Adjunct professor of Econometrics at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart (Milan) and of Statistics at the University of Turin. Junior Fellow Despina Big Data Lab (Turin), member of the Transfrontier Center on the economy and mountain tourism (CT-TEM, Aosta) and of the research group on industry 4.0 Renir (Turin). Bachelor’s degree with honors in Business Administration (2000, University of Valle d’Aosta, IT); Specialist degree with honors and publication dignity in Economics (2009, University of Turin), Allievi Program (2010, Collegio Carlo Alberto TO), Master in Applied Mathematics and Statistics (2009-2010 Collegio Carlo Alberto TO), PhD in Economics – Mathematics and Applied Statistics, Vilfredo Pareto (2010-2014, University of Turin), Participation in summer schools on the topics of Bayesian statistics (2010-2011) and economics (2017). The main scientific interests are related to the study of time series in the frequency domain, the construction of price indices, the modeling of the (discrete) choices of economic decision-makers, the construction of stationary and non-stationary processes, the construction of Bayesian methods parametric and non-parametric and models with latent variables. She has held various positions (from 2007 to 2014) as research assistant on economic, econometric and statistical topics at the Collegio Carlo Alberto and the University of Valle d’Aosta. At the University of Turin (2014-2016) she won a research grant with the subject of Bayesian and non-Bayesian methods for i) the modeling of discrete choices and 2) the anonymization of PUF. Subsequently, she also won the “Civil Society Talent Exchange” (University of Eastern Piedmont 2016-2017) for the development and implementation of Bayesian estimation methods in the absence of a specification of the likelihood function to model the theory of multistage carcinogenesis. Following his research activity, he has published numerous articles in national and international scientific journals (economic and business statistics, ASTA, quantitative finance, energy policy, energy economics, transportation research – part A, Bayesian analysis, instrustrial and corporate change, economics of innovation and new technology, etc.).

 Awards and recognitions: JRC/PTT/2017/C.3/0052/RC-AMI “Service contract for the analysis of socio-economic drivers of switching behaviors in retail electricity markets” (2018); Google Early Career Researchers Travel Grant (2012); Socialis VII Award (2009); Collegio Carlo Alberto student scholarship (2008-2010).