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Mariangela Gangemi Mariangela Gangemi was graduated cum laude in Economics from the “Mediterranea” University of Reggio di Calabria and currently she’s Ph.D. Student in Law and Economics (Economics and Quantitative Methods) at the Department of Law, Economics and Human Sciences of the University with the coordination of Professor Massimiliano Ferrara. Her current research interests concern Dynamic Systems, Growth Theory, Ecosustainable Growth Models, Epidemiological Issues.

She was Invited Ph.D. Student at University of Portsmouth (UK) – Portsmouth Business School and she’s actually Invited Ph.D. Student at Politehnica University of Bucharest (Romania). She’s active member of Decisions Lab at “Mediterranea” University of  Reggio di Calabria; she’s also part of the International Research Project on the prevention of the spread of CoViD-19, led by Professor Massimiliano Ferrara under the auspices of the World Health Organization. Authored and Coauthored of refereed papers on impacted Journals.