Neda TiraieyariDr. Neda Tiraieyari holds a PhD in extension education which she obtained from the University Putra Malaysia in 2009. She possesses nine years of experience in conducting and publishing research in well-reputed journals. She was employed at the University Putra Malaysia for the past 9 years, since completing her PhD degree. Initially, she served as a postdoctoral researcher at the institute for social science studies, University Putra Malaysia where she was involved in the research and teaching for five years (2010- 2015). She was later promoted to the Research Fellow position in the same institute for four years in June 2015 (2015-2019). She has carried out several research in Malaysia both as principle investigator and as co-investigator. She has expertise in both qualitative and quantitative social research methods, agricultural extension education, survey methodology and data analysis. Her research interests are diverse and usually interdisciplinary. As a social science researcher, she is generally interested in behavioural studies, competency and performance, youth and agriculture, impact assessment, social and human aspects of agriculture, sustainable agriculture, and urban agriculture. Employing quantitative and qualitative research methodologies, Dr Neda uses models of behaviour to understand the range of factors which influence behavioural intention, attitudes, norms, motivations and behaviours of different actors (e.g., farmers, university students, agricultural officers, government employees, young adult, policy-makers, urban residents, and so on).